Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm so tenurific.

In mid-August I'm supposed to submit a draft of my dossier to my departmental promotion & tenure committee (they'll not only evaluate but also give some feedback to improve it before finalizing).

My CV is in fine shape, since I'm a little obsessive about keeping it up to date, and even using it as a decision support tool when trying to decide whether to do this or that (which use of my time will have a more significant impact in a weak area on my CV?). But the materials I submit also need to contain a hefty document wherein I reflect on my excellence and tenure-worthiness and explain all about what a rising star I am and how I am poised to have such great importance to the profession & community, etc., etc.

I realize this needs to get done. And I would like to get tenure, so I want to do a good job.

But I'm having a hard time getting up the activation energy to start writing such a document. It's because things I do NOT enjoy include the following:
  • Trying to convince people I am awesome.
  • Doing fluffy stuff.
  • Camoflauging weaknesses (I prefer to just call them what they are).