Wednesday, January 31, 2007


So, I am working on this collaboration with some industry folks, and they recently decided to toss some dollars at one of our projects, enough for me to bring on an MS student to work on it.

I have had an undergrad working on this project for the last 8 months or so, and would love to have him continue, but he's not leaning towards graduate school. Also, though energetic, he is not particularly detail oriented.

So I have been considering this, how shall I recruit, etc., and one of my former students comes by to ask if he could put me down as a reference on his resume, and also he's having some career questions, and should he be considering graduate school, and that sort of thing.

If I were a cartoon character, my eyes would have turned to dollar signs or hearts at that moment. I really like this student - he's a good guy, very scholarly, diligent, thoughtful, critical, etc. OF COURSE HE SHOULD CONSIDER GRADUATE SCHOOL.

And, he should - but, I find myself a little bit blinded by my desire to have him as MY graduate student.


Anonymous said...

OOh yes I know that feeling - and really, if there's industry money and a chance for him to make good connections with a workplace that's not academic (often the one problem with the post-grad-school job hunt is the perception of an ivory tower mentality) then its not like you'd be giving him a bad deal! But it can be hard to balance what's best for the student himself and for his unique interests... feel for you there, but I'm jealous of the money! (I'm a British physical scientist at the geological end of the spectrum and funding is SO scarce...)

Anonymous said...

resist your desire -- tell him to get an MBA :)

Ms.PhD said...

I'm there right now. While I generally tell everyone I like and respect NOT to go to grad school, and all the reasons why (cheers, koonj!), there is one person right now I'd be really tempted to take with me if I knew I had a faculty position in the fall.

Anonymous said...

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